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Hire a Speech Coach Hire a Speech Coach I’m going to get to the point because you have a really quick decision to make- whether to hire me to be your personal speech coach, or not.  To hire a speech coach is no small decision.  In this article, Laura shares...

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Return to Work Challenges

Do you think the transition to work-at-home was difficult?  Well, as some senior leaders and their teams are pointing out, returning to the workplace is proving to be more challenging than many of us would’ve thought. Recently, I had the pleasure to coach a client at...

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Preschool Stuttering Help for Parents

There is often no reasonable explanation for why preschool-age children begin to stutter.  Stuttering frequently shows up in families who do not have a history of stuttering! Fact- There is no cure for stuttering! Fact- To reduce stuttering, you must lessen tension...

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Face Masks Make It Hard to Speak

To anyone who played the French-inspired flower petal plucking game, "He/she/they love me, they love me not "(originally called Effeuiller la Marguerite), you may have seen a slight resemblance to Americans’ decisions "To wear a face mask, to not wear a face mask." ...

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On being a great communicator

To the Memphis business community, I hope this finds you and your family well.   Early in my journey to establish and grow my own business, I realized that my clients are also my colleagues in a way.  There are no co-workers, office or cubicle mates in solo...

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The Season of Self Awareness

Personal and professional improvement may have already entered your mind as the year new year 2020 (and a new decade) approaches.  Since the traditional New Year’s resolution model shows failure is inevitable for 80% of the population,  setting a goal to become self...

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C-Suite Yoga

I am often amused by the look of curiosity on a client's face when I announce yoga is on the executive coaching agenda.  Most often a quick, nervous glance around the room seems to ask, "where are we doing yoga?"  Then, gazing down at their body's mid-section as if...

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Public speaking for entrepreneurs

The vibrancy of the Memphis startup community is palatable.  Our city’s strong entrepreneurial spirit is frequently recognized in top business publications such as Inc., Forbes, USA Today.  Leslie Smith, President and CEO of Epicenter, shares in a 27sec video Invest...


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