Does your voice break under pressure?

Amplify your speaking power, executive presence, and vocal authority today.

  • Reach your desired salary sooner than later

  • Deliver unscripted, polished presentations confidently

  • Boost the morale of your employees and stakeholders

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Laura Bresee, MA CCC-SLP
Executive Speech Coach

Is hiring a speech coach right for me?

Almost everyone could benefit from some coaching when it comes to public speaking.

Answer these questions to find out what coaching option is right for you.

Laura Coaching

I need team coaching for multiple attendees at work


I need individual coaching for myself


I need help now for an upcoming speaking event


I need to boost my speaking confidence


I am ready to totally transform my communication skills


I need a consultant to help me or my team with the overwhelming speaking demands at work

“Your success likely will be determined by how well you speak, by how well you write, and by the quality of your ideas, in that order.”

Quoted by Patrick Henry Winston, American Scientist and Professor at MIT

Laura Coaching

How private coaching will transform your speaking skills

 and other Frequently Asked Questions

Confidence. Clarity. Success.

Laura is easy to work with. She is adaptive to making the training programs fit with the needs of the individual or group.

Parker Harness
Chief CFO, The JuicePlus+ Company

Our tour guides have greatly benefited from the training provided
by Memphis Speech Solutions.

The National Civil Rights Museum

 Laura’s feedback and support greatly helped me improve my
delivery of several pitches.

Dawn Neilsen
CFO Wishbone Medical Inc.

 Laura helped modify my southern accent for my first job as an on-air weather anchor for TV. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Adam Bowles
Meteorologist/Entertainment Reporter WGNO ABC 26 New Orleans

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