Is a fear of public speaking holding you back?

Tune up your vocal mechanics to speak with power, confidence, and clarity today.

  • Advance your career

  • Lead, engage and inspire

  • Communicate ideas effectively

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Laura Bresee, MA CCC-SLP
Executive Speech Coach

Fear of public speaking is real

And it’s not something you can just “figure out”. Get the tools, skills and coaching you need to communicate more effectively anytime, anywhere.

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Video Consult

Struggling to feel confident or needing last minute coaching for an upcoming speaking event? Get online coaching and consultation from anywhere in the world.

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Private 1:1 Coaching

Customized coaching for your specific needs. Get tips & tools whether you are a beginner who fears public speaking or a seasoned speaker who needs polishing. 

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Group Coaching

Empower your employees and sales teams with group coaching. Choose from one of our seminar workshops or let’s customize a workshop for your leadership team.

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Corporate Event Speaker

Develop a “WOW” factor by elevating your executive’s communication presence both in and out of the office. Reserve Laura to speak at your next corporate event.

“Confident public speaking gives business leaders the ability to inform, motivate and inspire.”

Is hiring a speech coach right for me?

Almost everyone could benefit from some coaching when it comes to public speaking. Let’s find out if it’s right for you…

Book a Consultation

Book a 30-minute phone call to discuss your concerns, goals for improvement, and the speech coaching services are right for your specific needs.

Help Me Get to Know You

The Vocal Mechanics questionnaire will provide a thorough snapshot of your speech in situations where you are nervous to speak.


Get a Coaching Plan

Get a coaching plan that is customized for your needs. Your plan is specifically designed to ensure you gain vocal confidence.   

Confidence. Clarity. Success.

Laura is easy to work with. She is adaptive to making the training programs fit with the needs of the individual or group.

Parker Harness
Chief CFO, The JuicePlus+ Company

Our tour guides have greatly benefited from the training provided
by Memphis Speech Solutions.

The National Civil Rights Museum

 Laura’s feedback and support greatly helped me improve my
delivery of several pitches.

Dawn Neilsen
CFO Wishbone Medical Inc.

 Laura helped modify my southern accent for my first job as an on-air weather anchor for TV. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Adam Bowles
Meteorologist/Entertainment Reporter WGNO ABC 26 New Orleans

Ready to nail that speech?

Take the first steps.

You’ve got important things to say and do. Don’t let your fear of public speaking
stand in the way of success. Let’s get you heard.

Public speaking for any role

No more fear – Imagine how much more you could do if you could speak effectively and
communicate your ideas clearly to your peers, customers or execs.
Don’t let your fears stand in the way.

In today’s competitive business environment, communicating your ideas clearly in a public setting is an essential component to job success. People with strong public speaking skills are able to articulate value by engaging, inspiring, convincing and moving people to action.

But, if leading an executive meeting or presenting to a large group sounds like torture (or worse), you’re not alone. Fear of public speaking is real, even if you appear confident, articulate and successful on the outside.

It doesn’t make sense. It feels irrational and can make us freeze up at the wrong times — in front of customers, peers or execs — causing panic, anxiety and a feeling that we can’t reach our full potential…unless we find a way to get over it.

Yet, if you’re afraid to speak in public, it’s typically not one of those things you can ‘figure out on your own’ or ‘get over’ just because you’ve been promoted. We’ve seen people try quick-fixes or try self-help that can’t get to the root of the problem.

For over 13 years as public speaking coaches, we’ve helped people at various stages of their careers — from new hires to middle managers to busy, C-level execs. We know how much you dread public speaking and how much it’s holding you back. We believe that you deserve the tools, skills, and coaching you need to communicate effectively…comfortably…anytime, anywhere.

You have so many ideas, so much to say. Let us help you conquer your fear of public speaking so you can be comfortable, clear and confident.

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