Laura was extremely helpful in coaching me with the delivery of several speeches. Her feedback and support greatly helped me improve my delivery. Who wouldn’t want to look professional and polished? Thank you, Laura!

Dawn Nielsen

CFO, WishBone Medical Inc.

Laura L Bresee, 

Executive Speech Coach


Executive level business leaders are expected to demonstrate public speaking confidence in all of their presentations.  The demands of a high level job, however, leaves little time to prepare for powerful public speaking.  Lack of time to prepare a speech and practice confident vocal delivery contributes to noticeable public speaking anxiety.  As a result, vocal confidence suffers.

I developed a passion for executive coaching in graduate school while working with a group of businessmen from China on methods to improve American English speech clarity and public speaking confidence.  As a clinician administering the accent modification training program, I observed the crippling effects public speaking anxiety can have on one’s oral communication which, coincidentally, presents similar symptoms as a diagnosable speech impairment.  Since completing my Masters degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2003, I have continued to develop my knowledge of how the vocal mechanism is adversely affected by physical, cognitive, neurological, and emotional stress. 

My executive speech coaching process draws upon a multitude of evidence based speech and voice science resources that are scientifically proven to produce positive results.  I work closely with my clients to share the science behind why their particular vocal mechanism breaks down under pressure and subsequently, how to elevate it to optimal standards for expert level public speaking.  For this reason, speech coaching at the executive level is customized for each client.   

I welcome the opportunity to help you improve public speaking confidence.

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