Hire a Speech Coach
by Laura Bresee
July 19, 2021

Hire a Speech Coach

I’m going to get to the point because you have a really quick decision to make- whether to hire me to be your personal speech coach, or not.  To hire a speech coach is no small decision.  In this article, Laura shares information about how a speech coach can help you gain communication confidence for situational speaking fear. Laura will guide you to consider whether your needs will be fulfilled by a speech coach or job coach.

As a speech coach, I help you advance to the next level in your career so you can make more money, gain influence, and reach your highest career goals. Any next-level job position in any industry will require a more advanced spoken communication skillset than you may be used to in your current role. In your next career endeavor in leadership, there is an entirely new level of communication stress.  The skill you need to learn is what I describe as gaining the ability to talk up and down.

You desire to move in a direction to connect with higher-level clients, investors, management, and senior executives, boards of directors to influence them with your ideas. You also need to maintain professional relationships with colleagues and associates in your current role.  That is Leadership!

Speak with Confidence

Every speaking fear, doubt, uncertainty, or anxiety you’ve ever had about your communication skills is now surfacing in your desired transition.  You know you need the tenacity to stand up to speak with utmost assurance in every situation so that people trust you and follow your lead.  You want to learn Communication Confidence!

The real reason you are watching this video and reading this blog is you are looking for a solution that many people, including yourself, do not believe there is a solution for. You desire to resolve a latent fear of loss of control, embarrassment, tripping up on your language at the wrong time, stumbling on your words, saying something you didn’t mean to say, or it came out wrong, forgetting what you wanted to say, not being able to answer a question and the countless other symptoms that result from speaking fear.

The root is what you are trying to solve is situational speaking fear. You didn’t find me to hire a job coach. You need a speech coach.  I will be your guide.

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