Your Journey into Executive Speech Coaching
by Laura Bresee
April 21, 2021

Executive speech coaching will ensure you gain confidence to speak your ideas and voice your opinions.

Let’s discuss why executive speech coaching is essential and how it builds public speaking confidence.

Why you need a speech coach? 

To build a successful career, your spoken communication skills must be good enough to influence your audience.  You will need to communicate with different audiences in a significant manner. If you don’t have proficient speaking power, you will not move forward. 

Working with an executive speech coach will help you improve the deficiencies you have in your general speaking skills. By elevating your personal speaking composure, you will also level up your communication skills to present yourself as confident and comfortable when speaking to your colleagues, clients, and senior management.   

What’s holding you back from hiring a private speech coach?

A lack of confidence and understanding about how private coaching will help you may have discouraged you for a considerable amount of time.

You know you need a private speech coach but you also believe –

  • It’s too expensive.
  • It’s too time consuming.
  • It’s a sign of weakness that you need assistance.
  • Self limiting belief that gaining expert speaking skills is out of reach.
  • You believe you should be able to figure out how speak well on your own.

Low confidence and lack of understanding about what you will gain from private coaching will stop you from moving forward in your career and in life.

How will private speech coaching help you? 

Private speech coaching will help you become exact about your speaking abilities for each speaking situation.

Everyone has unique issues when it comes speaking ability.  Most everyone speaks well in some situations yet they struggle in others.  At the same time, some people are frustrated because they lack confidence while speaking in any situation.   

Step One: Awareness

Being acutely aware of your speaking abilities across all situations is the first step of the journey into executive speech coaching.

“I’ve always emphasized practice on parts of my speech where I feel comfortable.  I don’t attend to the parts in my speech where I feel weak.  In those instances where I’m not comfortable with my content, I just hope that I’ll get through it.”   – T.J. Trial lawyer

Step Two: Education

Learn to manage performance anxiety  Private speech coaching will help you learn how to prepare as if each speaking situation is its own performance.

Learn to manage your vocal delivery in stressful speaking situations- A private speech coach + a speech/voice science expert will help you learn

  • Why your voice falters under stress
  • How to elevate your voice to optimal standards in stressful situations so you sound confident and feel that you are well spoken   

Learn to manage the dynamics of the speaking situation- A private speech coach will help you understand that a stellar speaking performance depends on understanding

  • Your audience
  • Environment and situational dynamics
  • Personal conditions, both emotionally and physiologically, that you bring to the situation   

Step Three: Confidence

A private speech coach will teach you how to navigate any speaking situation based on the intricate dynamics of the speaking event.  Any speaker who is committed to their cause will determine that private speech coaching is exactly the assistance they need to move their voice confidence, and ultimately their career, to the next level.  

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