Preschool Stuttering Help for Parents
by Laura Bresee
February 9, 2021

There is often no reasonable explanation for why preschool-age children begin to stutter.  Stuttering frequently shows up in families who do not have a history of stuttering!

Fact- There is no cure for stuttering!

Fact- To reduce stuttering, you must lessen tension (i.e. stress)!

Fact- Although there may be several factors that may contribute to your child’s stuttering (physical, emotional, and intellectual development), tension and stress wreak havoc on the vocal mechanism.


Preschool Stuttering Parent Video Guide

The Preschool Stuttering Parent Video Guide provides valuable insight at no cost.  The goal is for you to reduce stress in the communication environment and increase acceptance of your child’s speech, no matter how it sounds or looks.

Parents, you are the best advocate for creating a safe space where your child can thrive in his/her communication.  Fostering a loving, supportive, accepting, and caring speaking environment so your child can feel at ease to speak freely no matter how his/ her speech sounds and looks are crucial to your child’s communication success no matter what the future holds.          \

Tips to create a supportive communication environment

  1. Create an accepting home environment so your child knows his/her communication is valued at all times.
  2. Be an active listener no matter how your child’s speech sounds or looks nor how long it takes for them to get the words out.  Be present for your child.
  3. Praise your child for sharing his/her stories.   
  4. Apply #1-3 to every person in the family!
  5. When you know it’s time to get therapy, it’s the time!  Listen to your parental instincts! 
  6. Choose a Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in the treatment and management of fluency disorders.  You wouldn’t go to a General Family Physician to treat a heart condition.  You certainly do not want to potentially lose valuable time working with a speech therapist with little to no experience treating stuttering and fluency disorders   

My personal story as a person who stutters

  1. My name is Laura Bresee (pronounced Lora Br-ZEE).  I began showing signs of stuttering at 3 years.  As an adult, I have confidently mastered successful tools to manage most of my stuttering moments.  People still pick up the fact that something is different about me whether or not it shows in my speech.  Stuttering has shaped everything about who I am today.  I’m cool with that; I am good with being different.   
  2. My parents did their absolute best to support me while I spoke with extremely tense moments of disfluency.  Awkward silence, hesitancy, and repetitions paired with varying degrees of stuttering were the norm in our conversational interactions for 25+ years.  I know it was tough for them to watch me struggle.
  3. Speech therapy finally helped me, but not until after 18 years old.  I actually declared a Bachelors degree in Speech, Language Pathology for the sole reason that I wanted to figure out why I stuttered in some situations but not others.  Currently, I specialize as an executive speech coach and corporate consultant for professional speaking skills in public speaking.   
  4. Learning how the speech voice mechanism worked properly combined with the guidance of a speech therapist who specialized in fluency disorders was the golden key to an opportunity to make a big change in my speech.
  5. The most valuable quote I still carry with me today- “The more you try not to stutter, the more you will stutter.  So, let it out!” – Dr. Peter R. Ramig

Early in my career, I regularly consulted with Parents of Preschool-Age Children Who Stutter.  Although I have added additional skills to my communication improvement services as an Executive Speech Coach and Corporate Speech Consultant, I continue offering parent consulting services based on word of mouth referrals for many preschool children who stutter. 

I welcome the opportunity to help you with resources, referrals, and support to navigate this difficult part of your journey in your child’s speech development.  Send an email 

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