Return to Work Challenges
by Laura Bresee
May 5, 2021

Do you think the transition to work-at-home was difficult?  Well, as some senior leaders and their teams are pointing out, returning to the workplace is proving to be more challenging than many of us would’ve thought.

Recently, I had the pleasure to coach a client at her office where we discussed the Top 5 Return to Work Challenges:

Time management and disruptions

The necessity to be productive during 9-5 pm work hours requires a different application of time management than the freedom to work at will.  Multi-tasking and dealing with inter-office disruptions requires a new level of patience and adaptation.

One of the more commonly cited disruptions relates to technology.  Whether it’s updating connectivity, operating speed, or locating technology accessories, working from your “new” desk will take getting used to.

Real clothes

Comfort is key.  You may find your most comfortable pair of work pants either don’t exist or they don’t fit.  Athleta or even a short-term subscription to Stitch Fix may be an interim solution while you re-vamp your office clothing options.

Speaking online vs. in-person 

Now that you’ve achieved an outstanding voice of confidence on video conference presentations, welp it’s back to public speaking face to face!  Your speaking fears may once again be rearing their ugly heads.  Proven tips to present with confidence include maintaining eye contact, projecting your vocal volume, and speaking clearly.

Speaking while seated vs. standing

Due to ongoing social distancing measures, speaking while seated may necessary for a while.  For those of you who feel more at ease “working the room,”  you may be feeling discomfort while you present from your chair. shares a great article, Science Says You’ve Been Breathing All Wrong, on how breathing, and ultimately speech delivery, is affected by sitting.

Who Moved My Cheese

The pandemic has challenged our existence in every way possible.  Yet, the positive effects of social distancing on human behavior are revealing interesting pandemic silver linings.  Whether you have become accustomed to the new normal or you miss the way things used to be, the bottom line is: adaptation and resiliency are necessary in these continuously changing times.     

Book resource- The acclaimed parable bestseller “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson (1998) may be a great resource to read as you adapt to yet another change in the timeline of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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