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Oral Communication Professional Development

Private Coaching - Executive Speech Coaching Package


  • Five hours of private customized coaching designed for the participant’s needs.
  • Develop an oral communication profile based on personal strengths and weakness.
  • Plan, practice, and present oral presentations with confidence in any environment or speaking situation.
  • Enhance your speech delivery using techniques commonly used by professional speakers and performers.
  • Speak with purpose and power to ensure you develop a strong connection with your listening audience.


Training begins with the two hour Master Speech and Voice coaching session where participants will acquire the knowledge to communicate confidently.  Additional training hours will address specific areas of weakness and/or help prepare for upcoming public speaking engagements.  All materials are provided by Memphis Speech Solutions.  In many instances, materials are created specifically for the participant’s needs.


Making private coaching accessible to busy professionals is our top priority.  Coaching may be provided in person at a conference room at the participant’s workplace or at Memphis Speech Solutions.  Video conference online training is available to those who are unable to participate in person.

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Private Coaching - Foreign and Regional Accent Modification

Are you concerned your accented speech patterns are holding you back? 

Detectable accented speech patterns are rarely the issue.  Speech clarity and formal speech are hallmark characteristics of professional level speech. 

How it works: Participants engage in a speech analysis to assess sound pronunciation accuracy, grammar, syntax, intonation, and related attributes of speech.  A personalized detailed speech analysis report will outline individual speech and voice strengths and areas of need.  Coaching is designed to target the most prominent speech errors first to ensure the client experiences a noticeable improvement in the shortest amount of time possible.

How long does it take: Participants can make significant gains in their speech intelligibility in as little as 3 hours of coaching with daily practice.  

Who benefits from coaching:  Entrepreneurs, sales, scientists, physicians, engineers, radio and TV broadcasters and professional public speakers whose foreign accented speech patterns or regional dialect affect their ability to speak American English clearly and correctly.

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Private Coaching - Conquer the Job Interview

Improve your interview performance! Employers rate verbal communication as the most important skill they look for in a candidate. Interview Speech Voice Coaching will give you the ability to highlight your knowledge, experience and success with poise and professionalism.


  • Communicate your message with confidence and clarity
  • Skillfully respond to spontaneous questions and impromptu conversation
  • Apply techniques to conquer interview anxiety
  • Adapt your communication style to face-to-face, panel, Skype, and phone interviews

Research Findings  

“When asked to assess candidate skills and qualities, employers rated verbal communication skills the most important.” – The National Association of Colleges and Employers 2016

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Corporate Seminar - Executive Presence Coaching

Executive presence enhances your ability to lead with confidence and influence with ease.  Communication is dynamic. Every situation and every audience requires a different communication skill set.

Today’s business leaders must be able to inform, motivate and inspire diverse customers and employees. Empower your professionals with the tools to develop a “WOW” factor by elevating their personal power and executive presence.

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Corporate Seminar - Vocal Health and Wellness

Equip your professionals with the knowledge they need to protect their most precious asset, their voice. Teachers, coaches, construction managers, compliance officers and others who use their voices for long periods of time or must speak over loud noise levels while on the job are at risk for vocal misuse and abuse. The ability to speak and be heard is vital.

Participants will learn

  • The behaviors that put one at risk for vocal cord damage
  • To identify the symptoms of vocal misuse and abuse
  • Prevention strategies and treatment tips

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Learn at Lunch Workshop - Master Class for Speech and Voice

The group Master Speech and Voice Workshop is designed for those who want the knowledge, but do not require the intensity and customization of private coaching.


  • Sharpen your awareness of how to modify verbal communication skills for the audience and situation.
  • Skills are immediately transferable to daily business and interpersonal communications.
  • Excel in your vocal confidence.


  • 90 minute group training seminar.
  • 60 minute private follow up session on video conference.
  • Maximum of 4 participants.
  • Provided once a month at Memphis Speech Solutions or at your workplace.
  • All materials are provided including a light snack and water.
  • Registration closes 3 days before the posted workshop date.

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Learn at Lunch Workshop - Overcome Public Speaking Fear and Performance Anxiety

Speaking in front of an audience is crippling.

Symptoms of public speaking fear, including rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, sweating, shaky voice, and forgetfulness, create tension all over the body.  The muscle tension generated by the fight or flight response makes it difficult to speak with optimal vocal quality.  Your body language is also affected by nerves, fear, and anxiety.

Training Outcomes

  • Understand why we get nervous and how to productively manage the symptoms.
  • Learn how to properly prepare for presentations and public speaking events.
  • Practice voice techniques and vocal warm-ups used by actors and stage performers.
  • Develop a series of body movement exercises to help relieve tension and free the voice for public performances.

“Whether nervous or have anxiety before speaking, the techniques I learned and the information in this class are life-changing. I am not exaggerating. The information from this class allowed me to understand and counter fear I have of speaking with in front of senior leadership and while on large conference calls. Knowledge is power. I recommend this class to anyone wanting to conquer the fear you have when speaking or giving speeches. “ -Senior Project Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure Services Division

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