On being a great communicator
by Laura Bresee
March 18, 2020

To the Memphis business community,

I hope this finds you and your family well.  

Early in my journey to establish and grow my own business, I realized that my clients are also my colleagues in a way.  There are no co-workers, office or cubicle mates in solo entrepreneurship.  You are the ones with whom I work most closely. 

I am reaching out to you, as my colleagues, to share my appreciation of our professional connection.  It’s a mutual process of professional growth.  You and your employees acquire gems of knowledge to become more effective communicators; I develop experience to become a better coach and business owner.  Without your trust and support, I definitely would have struggled to develop and mature in my entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Remember from our conversations that spoken communication happens in all forms, both professionally and personally.  My coaching philosophies, as you know, are not reserved solely for speaking projects, business interactions and public presentations.  In these times, you may find your communication styles and intentions for delivery have suddenly, and drastically, changed.  I know that I am personally challenged everyday switching to my new role to communicate as a home school teacher for our kids.  I am reflecting on how I, too, need to consciously move into a clear mental space (parasympathetic calming state) in order to communicate with resolve and leadership.

Fortunately, you all have gained the tools to deal with communication breakdowns both internally and externally.  I am proud of your dedication and perseverance as you continue to move through the ever changing states of being a great communicator.

Be well and remember to smile. Smiling relieves facial tension.

Your coach and colleague,

Laura Bresee 

Memphis Speech Solutions

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