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“Laura is easy to work with.  She is adaptive to making the training programs fit with the needs of the individual or group.”

Parker Harness
Chief Financial Officer
The JuicePlus+ Company

To excel in today’s global business world, leaders must be able to motivate and influence increasingly diverse groups of employees and customers. Situations and audiences change. Skillful communicators know when and how to adopt different speaking styles to best convey their message.

Memphis Speech Solutions private speech coaching for executives equips you with the strategies used by public speakers and performers, so you can design your speech and voice delivery to communicate more effectively and with confidence. Speak with the voice of leadership. Contact Memphis Speech Solutions to discuss your personalized coaching plan.     

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This course is customized for professionals whose verbal communication skills have a direct influence on their colleagues, associates, and consumers.  Participants will

  • Develop an oral communication skills profile identifying specific strengths and weakness through voice recordings and speech analyses.
  • Overcome vocal self consciousness to adopt a voice of leadership. 
  • Master evidence based speech and voice coaching methods to enhance your oral communication delivery style.
  • Achieve the ability to speak with purpose and power to connect with your listening audience.

Master Speech and Voice Coaching totals roughly two to four hours.  The participant engages with the trainer in person or via Skype for 2 hours.  Subsequent training and support, if required, is provided online.  The training plan, practice materials and supporting documents are specifically created and designed for the benefit of each participant.  Contact us to schedule your training or register for a workshop today.

Thank you for your help regarding my speech improvement. I found you to be a very proactive and dedicated teacher in this field. You have provided a ton of resources and many of them you have created just for me for my personal needs based on my weakness and strength in this area.”  – Physician at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital

This course combines clear pronunciation training along with coaching the fundamentals of mastering effective speech and vocal delivery.  Participants who benefit from training include entrepreneurs, scientists, physicians, engineers, public speakers whose foreign accented sound patterns or regional dialect affects the ability to speak American English clearly and correctly.

  • The trainer will perform a formal speech analysis to assess American English sound pronunciation, grammar, syntax, intonation, and related attributes of speech.  Participants will receive a detailed speech analysis report profiling individual speech and voice strengths and areas of need.
  • After engaging in the two hour Master Speech and Voice coaching session, additional training is designed to instruct pronunciation accuracy.  Total training is a minimum of four hours.

The training plan, practice materials and supporting documents are specifically created and designed for the benefit of each participant.  Additional materials may be recommended for purchase based on the degree of accented speech. Contact us today to schedule.   

“I met Laura Bresee at Memphis Speech Solutions, where she helps professionals to improve their communication skills. I am very happy with the coaching Laura provided. She detected key opportunity areas of improvement and taught fundamental techniques to improve my communication skills. Now that I am aware of some of my weaknesses, I am working to improve them. I feel more confident and comfortable when talking in front of a group of people. I highly recommend Laura to help you improve your communication skills.” – Financial Analyst at Pfizer Corporation