Jumpstart Your Confidence

Accomplish the skills to speak confidently anytime, anywhere. Reach your desired position and salary sooner than later. Stand out amongst your peers and competitors. Jumpstart your confidence today.

45 Day “Jumpstart Your Confidence” Private Executive Speech Coaching

Designed for professionals who need to:

  • Build executive presence
  • Excel in a new job role or promotion
  • Present as a confident communicator when speaking under pressure
  • Conquer symptoms of performance anxiety
  • Acquire knowledge, new skills, and technique development

Communication and workplace success

Communication skills are an important aspect of success in almost any industry of work. Effective communication skills build a clear understanding between yourself and your colleagues. Read more Career Development Tips for improving communication skills for workplace success here.

What’s in it for you:

  • Advanced Spoken Communication Analysis
  • Twice weekly face-to-face sessions via video conference
  • In-person sessions, when available
  • Master Class for Speech Voice which includes
    • Foundation 1: Conquer Situational Speech Anxiety
    • Foundation 2: Realize What’s Holding You Back
    • Foundation 3: Amplify Your Speaking Power
    • Foundation 4: Maximize Your Rehearsal Results
  • Access to Laura between sessions via phone, video, and text
  • PDF Slideshows and customized materials included

Jumpstart your speaking confidence today.