Corporate and Group Training

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“When asked to assess candidate skills and qualities, employers rated verbal communication skills the most important.”

The National Association of Colleges and Employers 2016

Studies have repeatedly shown what we say is often overshadowed by how we say it.  The ability to adapt speech oral communication delivery for the situation undoubtedly improves vocal confidence during the interview process and performance on the job.

After group training with Memphis Speech Solutions, participants report achieving greater communication confidence, reducing miscommunication with clients and co-workers and gaining job advancement opportunities.  Clear speech skills in combination with a confident voice of leadership are crucial!

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Empower your professionals with the skills to speak with purpose, lead with confidence and influence with ease.

Today’s business leaders must be able to inform, motivate and inspire diverse customers and employees. Communication is dynamic. Every situation and every audience requires a different skill set.

In the Executive Leadership Speech Voice Coaching seminar, groups will

  • Learn Speech delivery techniques used by professional public speakers and performers
  • Learn the fundamentals of persuasive, informative, motivational and entertaining speaking
  • Master the ability to adapt communication and speech style for the intended message and audience
  • Achieve vocal confidence to make an impact

Seminars are tailored to participant needs and business environment. Set your leaders up for success. Contact us today to customize a group seminar or register for a workshop today.

Elevate the collaboration and cohesion of your multigenerational workforce, and prepare all your leaders at all levels for the successful management of diverse teams.

In the Cross-Generational Communication Awareness seminar, groups will gain

  • Better understanding of the generational traits and characteristics that drive communication
  • Insight to each of the four generations’ communication styles
  • Effective communication strategies for speaking and writing to multigenerational audiences

Today’s business world is unique. Multiple generations now work in the same environment. Companies that promote clear and healthy communication maximize the potential of their talent and gain the competitive edge. Contact us today to schedule your seminar.

Improve your interview performance! Employers rate verbal communication as the most important skill they look for in a candidate. Interview Speech Voice Coaching will give you the ability to highlight your knowledge, experience and success with poise and professionalism.

Participants will learn how to

  • Communicate your message with confidence and clarity
  • Skillfully respond to spontaneous questions and impromptu conversation
  • Apply techniques to conquer interview anxiety
  • Adapt your communication style to face-to-face, panel, Skype, and phone interviews

Coaching is personalized, based on individual concerns and focus areas. Contact us today to discuss your seminar or register for a workshop today.

Equip your professionals with the knowledge they need to protect their most precious asset, their voice. Teachers, coaches, construction managers, compliance officers and others who use their voices for long periods of time or must speak over loud noise levels while on the job are at risk for vocal misuse and abuse. The ability to speak and be heard is vital.

Participants will learn how to

  • The behaviors that put one at risk for vocal cord damage
  • To identify the symptoms of vocal misuse and abuse
  • Prevention strategies and treatment tips

The Vocal Health and Wellness seminar is an hour long training session that provides your team practical tips and techniques to keep their voices strong and healthy.  Contact us today to schedule your seminar or register for a workshop today.

Provide your busy team a unique personal and professional development opportunity. Lunch & Learns are time and cost efficient. The content is tailored to your business needs, and the informal setting engages participants and boosts morale. Your team will improve their communication skills and learn speaking techniques they can use immediately. For more information or to book your lunch & learn, send us an email.