Executive Suite Support

Optimize your busy workflow. Partner with a speech coach and writing assistant. Amplify the morale of your organization. Excel in your executive leadership.

6 Month “Executive Suite Support” Private Executive Speech Coaching

Designed for:

  • Executive, C-Level Officers
  • Politicians
  • Officials in public and private sectors

What’s in it for you:

  • Advanced Spoken Communication Analysis
  • Twice weekly face-to-face sessions via video conference
  • In-person sessions, when available
  • Masterclass Modules 1-6 PLUS– 24-48 hr turnaround for
    • On-demand presentation rehearsal
    • On-demand speech writing and editing
    • Role play simulations with live actor(s)
    • Camera readiness for media appearances
  • Exclusive access to prepare for last minute or unplanned speaking events and writing projects
  • Access to Laura between sessions via phone, video, and text
  • PDF Slideshows and customized materials included

Excel in your executive leadership.